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Burr Ridge Chiropractor Steve Petzel welcomes you to Adisi Health Center website.  At Adisi we strive to stay up to date with the most advanced methods of pain relief and corrective care.  We specialize in difficult cases that have failed at conventional treatments.  Dr. Steve Petzel, Burr Ridge chiropractor, has worked with several of the burr ridge area fitness centers as well as several of the corporations to help promote wellness and increase awareness of rising health concerns.  Burr Ridge Chiropractor, Dr. Petzel also works directly with you primary care providers to ensure proper communication which will lead to increase  care and treatment outcomes.  We have a variety of specialist that we work with to make sure that patients are taken care of properly and without financial motive in mind.  We work with the patients to make treatment convenient and thorough.


Burr Ridge Chiropractor For Back and Neck Pain

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