Getting Down To Your High School Weight and Win $500

Getting Down To Your High School Weight and Win $500

A Guide to Get You Back into your High School Clothes

Best Before and After Gets $500 Dollar Gift Card

This brief guide will be broken down into specifics for a diet promoting weight loss. If you are starting off this program and have an excessive amount of weight to lose then this is the article for you.  The more we can promote and share this free resource and get people involved in this holiday competition the better chance we have at beating obesity and decreasing the risk of obesity related deaths.  My goal is for you first to follow the program until you are within 5 pounds of your goal weight.  Our bodies are built to store fat and we need to put our body into a fat burning state until we have normalized our hormone release and have reduced our body weight to allow our insulin to properly manage our blood sugar levels in the body.  After you get to this stabilized level you can eat a diet that follows a program that is designed for health and disease prevention which will be material in future article.

Weight Loss Program

  • Our bodies are designed to store fat as a means of survival.  However, we never need to use this survival trait due to the convenience of fast food and and the ability to get food at a moments notice.  The survival mechanism in our body allows us to use our fat as energy reserve.  This was much more useful when there were times of famine due to harsh winters.  This is what makes losing weight so difficult.  We get bombarded with commercials and food every place we go.  We have convenience foods that make it so our bodies never have to experience hunger responsibility.  What makes our bodies go into a state of “Fat Storage”?  The answer is Carbs and Sugars.  This is because when we eat carbs and sugar we get spikes of insulin which is a hormone that promotes fat storage.  Lets look at some of the common “Fad” diet books and documentaries that are currently very popular.  The common theme in these movies and books is… “Sugar is Bad”.
    • Sugar is Toxic and promotes obesity.
      • Fed Up Movie– Great documentary showing the effect of sugar on obesity.  It compares how sugar compares in study to cocaine addiction.  Obesity epidemic needs to be addressed otherwise healthcare costs will continue to rise.
      • Four Hour Body- Slow Carb Diet First two chapters in Tim Ferriss second book discuss the slow carb diet.  This diet consumes no grains or breads and allows you to get your carbohydrates from beans and also vegetables.  Things that are not allowed on diet are: fruit, fruit juice, rice, breads, pasta, noodles.  The diet addresses keeping your body getting a steady flow of carbohydrates allowing minimal spikes in your blood sugar.  This dramatically reduces the amount of time your body spends in fat storage phase.
        • 30 Grams of Protein within 30 minutes of waking up in the morning
      • Grain Brain- Dr. Perlmutter.  Neurologist that found that gluten and carbohydrates altered brain MRI scans and led to early dementia and Alzheimers.  Extremely valuable information when determining why someone should consider eliminating the gluten and carbohydrates out of the diet.
        • No gluten, breads or sugar.
      • Mercola Article- How to Lose Weight by Identifying Hidden Sugars in Your Diet: Article includes great information about sugar and why it’s necessary to remove it from your diet and how it can contribute into dramatic weight loss.
        • JJ Virgin Sugar Impact Diet: Drop 7 Hidden Sugars, Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks.
          • Burst Training in the Morning
          • Hot Water with Lemon in the morning
  • Eat Carbs, they break down into sugars, the sugars increase blood sugar levels, the pancreas secretes insulin to decrease blood sugar levels, too much insulin secreted creates hypoglycemic state which puts body in state of hunger and irritability.
    • Insulin Responsibility (Simulated most with High Carb and low protein diet, or just carbohydrates)
      • Fat Storage
      • Decrease Blood Sugar Levels
      • Removes fat from blood and cells transports it into fat cells
      • Makes Kidneys retain fluid
      • Stimulates the growth of arterial muscle cells
      • Stimulates the use of glucose for energy
      • Increases body’s production of cholesterol (Watch how much your cholesterol levels will decrease on diet)
    • Glucagon Responsibility (Stimulated when eating Protein and Protein and Fat Meals)
      • Raises blood sugar
      • shifts metabolism into burning mode
      • Converts protein and fat into glucose
      • Converts dietary fats to ketones and sends them to the tissue for energy
      • Releases fat from fat into the blood for use by tissues energy
      • Decreases the bodies production of cholesterol
      • Stimulates the use of fat for energy
    • Hormones and Reaction to different food combinations
  • We need to realize how food gets broken down in order to understand the concepts of the book.  When we eat a carbohydrate, it gets broken down into sugar molecules.  How quickly a carbohydrate breaks down into a sugar molecule is called a food’s glycemic index.  An example is glucose has a glycemic index of 100.  Based off this number we can gauge what other foods do to our blood sugar levels when  we consume them.
    • Apple- 39
    • White Wonder Bread- 73
    • Fruit Roll Up- 99
    • Coca Cola- 63
    • Baked Potato- 111

Weight Loss Program Quick Steps to Success

Why would I eat the same meals over and over again, because it makes it “EASY” and allows yourself a system to have in place that is easy to follow.  Things get over complicated when you try and get fancy and shop for a variety of dishes but don’t know what you should do with them.  This is why it is best to just make the same thing for breakfast and lunch and get creative for dinner.  This below program should get you to lose 7-10 pounds in first week if followed correctly.

  1. Eliminate Sugars
    1. No Simple Sugars added to food
      1. No High Fructose Corn Syrup
      2. Agave
      3. Table Sugar
      4. Brown Sugar
    2. No Fruit
    3. No Hidden Added Sugars (Commonly found in)
      1. BBQ Sauce
      2. Ketchup
      3. Oatmeal
      4. Cereal
      5. Fruit Juice
      6. Soda
  2. Decrease Carbohydrate Intake
    1. Bad Carbs
      1. Pasta
      2. Bread
      3. Rice
      4. Potato
    2. Good Carbs
      1. Beans (Eat Minimal Amount if trying to lose weight quick as possible)
        1. Black, Pinto, Lentil, Kidney
      2. Vegetables (Eat 4 Cups of following, Can be eaten steamed, pan-sauteed, or raw)
        1. Spinach
        2. Green Peppers
        3. Squash
        4. Zucchini
        5. Broccoli
        6. Cauliflower
        7. Brussel Sprouts
      3. Salad
        1. Romaine, Iceberg, Spinach (Unlimited amounts with Walden Farms Dressing)
  3. High Quality Proteins
    1. Cook using little amount of olive oil, grapeseed oil, or coconut oil
      1. Bake
      2. Grill
      3. Broil
      4. Pan Sautee with small amount of oil from list above.
    2. Protein Choices
      1. Grass Fed Beef
      2. Organic, Free-Range Chicken
      3. Bison- Organic
      4. Wild Caught Salamon
      5. Wild Caught Grouper
      6. Wild Caught Cod
      7. Wild Caught Walleye
      8. Protein Powder
        1. Whey Concentrate- Make sure from grass fed organic cows
        2. Hemp Protein
        3. Orgain-25 Gram RTD

Sample Daily Routine:

Breakfast: 3-4 Eggs, Sauteed Spinach

Option 2:  Protein Shake 20 Grams

Lunch: Salad with Chopped Chicken Breast, Dressing Walden Farms (0 Calories)

Dinner: Choice of Meat (8 oz), Steamed Veggies 2 Cups


Before and After Competition: 500 Dollar Grand Prize (November 14-December 21)

Send a Before Picture by December 1st, and After Picture Before December 21st.  Winner announced Christmas Day. Picture must be taken with the same clothes on and in the same location, with newspaper to verify date.  Submitting your photos via email to is giving consent to allow to be used on our website.  Info that needs to be provided is first and last name, starting weight, and high school weight.  Phone number should be provided to be able to communicate if you won.


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