Natural Lifestyle Products

We have created a list of companies and products that have dramatic potential to increase your health and quality of life.  These products range from skin care to meditation.  Using all the products listed below will instantly put your body in a healthier state and optimizing cellular health.

Food / Supplement / Skin

We call this group the chemical stressors of the body.  This includes anything that you put into mouth, your breath in through lungs, or you put onto your skin.  These are the natural lifestyle products that have extremely high standards.

  • Zoe Organics- Organic Bath Soaps, Lotions, Cremes, Oils.  They use no fillers in their products and have no fragrance  that irritates the skin.  They score the best possible score in skin testing.
  • Better Life- Better Life is a company that uses plant based products for cleaning purposes.  Don’t let this green company fool you, they out perform the brand leaders in removing the harmful bacteria while keeping your skin and lungs safe from toxic ingredients.  Their products range from hardwood floor cleaners, hand soap, dishwasher soap, to nursery cleaning products and laundry detergent. There natural laundry detergent prevents skin irritation and keeps the harmful toxins from getting into our system.
  • Grass Fed Meat- This is  a website that shows you were you can get grass fed meat products.  This is really important in keeping unwanted antibiotics and hormones out of your body.
  • Coconut Water- Harmless Harvest is a company that creates a product the way it is designed to be enjoyed, raw.  They use a special process to avoid heating and disrupting the coconut waters natural flavors.  Unlike most brands, this company does not settle for the common method of creating a concentrated coconut water.
  • Vitamins and Herbs- While getting your vitamins, minerals and herbs from food is best, it is not always possible.  I have used a variety of different companies as each have strengths and weakness’s.
    • Nordic Naturals- I recommend Nordic Naturals for their omega 3 products, as well as their children “Nordic Berries”  I have recommended their Vitamin C products for children.  Their products are very pure and potent and can be found at Whole Foods.  Most companies don’t have formulas with as much DHA.  This company offers a variety of different combinations as well.
    • Douglas Labs– Vitamin D Liquid is a great product they offer that has high dose in a convenient  dropper form.  I also think they have a great product for mitochondrial health called mito-tome.  If you are looking to spend a bit more money, I would recommend their longevity pack.  This has all the necessary vitamins, herbs, and enzymes needed to keep your cells and body healthy from oxidative stress (aging).
    • Ortho-Molecular– They have a great supplement line especially their pediatric supplements.  I highly recommend immune-max, natrinix.

Sleep / Emotional Stress Reduction

Emotional stress includes all aspects of your thoughts and emotions.  The reduction of emotional stress is reducing chronic tension and anxiety.  Good sleep and meditation are imperative to keeping the body thinking and feeling great.

Meditation App Headspace– Meditation is something that seems to have a twisted view point.  Meditation is a great way to be able to clear the body of stresses and give the brain and body a chance to unwind.  Headspace is an app that gives you a tutorial  of exactly what to do and think while taking time to meditate.  This will dramatically help with anger issues as well as create a more well balanced lifestyle.

Sleep Cycle– Sleep cycle is an amazing app that uses your phones accelerometer to determine what stage of sleep you are in.  This gives you valid information to see how different foods and alcohol affect your sleep habits.  The best feature of the app is that you can set a range of what time you need to wake up and it picks the time your body is in it’s lightest stage of sleep.  This means that you wake up feeling great, not groggy and tired.


Physical Stress / Exercise / Office Ergonomics

This physical Stress Category includes all things that you physically do to the body.  This means that how you sit at your job, how you stand when picking up a package, or what you do for a workout is all effecting your physical stress category.  Anything you do during the day is affecting this category for the better or the worse.  The following are the natural lifestyle products we recommend.

Spinal Correction– Ideal spine is website that has information on the most researched technique in chiropractic.  The research is about how the curves in your spine can be corrected and are extremely important in your overall health and lifestyle.

Mercola– Mercola is a physician that used to practice in Hoffman Estates Illinois.  He has the most visited alternative healthcare websites in the world and is highly respected for his research reports on all things health.  This includes exercise, skin care, supplements, and health care.  I personally think he has a great method called Peak 8 fitness that really