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Our scoliosis treatment center has a tradition of preventing spinal surgery necessary for certain scoliosis cases.  Our scoliosis treatment center utilizes a unique approach to not only prevent progression of the spinal deformity but actually works to correct the condition.  When looking at the spine through a series of digital x-rays, we can determine how much improvement would be possible if care is started at our facility.  Not all cases will be accepted for this reason as there are certain situations that correction will not be possible.

The process will start with a thorough history and a series of orthopedic and neurological tests.  We will follow this up with a detailed range of motion exam and some baseline muscle strength measurements.  Following the exam, we take a series of x-rays to determine how the structure of the spine looks as well as taking some stress x-rays to determine how much flexibility the spine has.  This allows us to get a good idea of how much motion is capable at the segmental level.   We analyize the digital x-rays using an advanced software analysis system called PostureRay.  This will give us a detailed printout of all of the data broken down to percentages and millimeters of motion.  From this point we have all the data required to determine if the care would be appropriate for this type of scoliosis.  If care is appropriate we give a estimated length of time required and an estimate on the financial expenses.

Once the scoliosis is corrected you can expect the changes to be long term.  This does not mean that nothing should be done to keep the progress.  An ongoing exercise program will be given to help keep the correction as well as keep the spine going towards the healthy ideal model.   We usually recommend a supportive care routine of visits 3-4 times per year.  This allows for results to be maximized and also minimize any sudden changes to the spinal alignment.  This process is what makes our scoliosis treatment center get the results that we get.