Scoliosis Treatment Chicago Illinois

Scoliosis Treatment Chicago Illinois is a unique place to correct scoliosis conditions that are approved by our physician.  We utilize an approach that not only looks to prevent scoliosis from getting worse but actually work to correct the scoliosis.  While it is not always possible to get the spine to normal spinal alignment, we can work to improve the structure and therefor the function of the spine and improve the nervous system.

There are four different kinds of scoliosis including infantile scoliosis, which appears in children under the age of 3; juvenile scoliosis, which is seen in children between the ages of 3 and 9; adolescent scoliosis, which occurs when a child is 10 to 18 years old and adult scoliosis, which occurs after the skeleton has matured. In the initial evaluation the first hint that a scoliosis may be developing is the appearance of abnormal posture. Slouching, one shoulder higher than the other, one hip higher than the other, or uneven shoulder blades are all signs that a person might have a scoliosis. In children, it is so important to recognize these signs early as much can be done to help correct the scoliosis as they grow. In adults, scoliosis is known to contribute to chronic back pain and postural collapse. Our physician accurately measures the degree of curve and predict the likelihood of progression.

There are special exercise and rehabilitation programs which have been designed to address the scoliosis curve and these have shown to be very effective in certain cases.  The newly innovated ScoliRoll, a specially designed rehabilitation aid for improving treatment results is highly effective at correcting the structural abnormality of spine that is present in scoliosis cases.  This type of orthotic is what makes scoliosis treatment chicago illinois so unique.

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