Stress Reduction Techniques


Stress is a common aspect of everyone’s life.  There is no way around it, everyone has stress. There is however, stress reduction techniques that can be done.  The best thing to learn to do is how to manage stress.  We will go through 3 stress reduction techniques because there are 3 types of stress; chemical, emotional, and physical stress.  Chemical stress is anything that you put in or on your body.  This is food, drugs, lotions, and soft drinks.  Emotional stress is anything and everything from work related stress to stress with the family and paying the bills.  Physical stress is when you are physically doing activity to the body, examples include; sitting with poor posture, wearing high heels, lifting weights, running, and getting punched just to name a few.  There are good and bad types of each type of stress meaning they can either positively affect your body or cause negative side effects.  These side effects are serious.  Stress not only makes people unhappy, it actually is causing physical conditions such as depression, heart disease, and infectious disease.  Research being done in Carnegie Mellon University shows that when stressed it inhibits the body’s ability to control the inflammatory response.   Inflammation is usually controlled by the hormone cortisol but when cortisol is not allowed to perform its job, inflammation can get out of control.  There is a similar relationship present with diabetes.  When someone abuses sugars and doesn’t watch what they eat, they cause large amount of insulin to be secreted.  When the body starts to get used to high levels of insulin, it decreases the sensitivity to insulin and causes a condition which is known as insulin resistance.  It is now considered that when you are in insulin resistance, you are pre-diabetic.   When you are stressed for an extended period of time, the body continually secrets cortisol thus decreasing the body’s ability to manage your inflammation.

When performing the stress reduction techniques you must start off by realizing what gets you going.  This means make a list of things that you know you get stressed out by and what you can do to help decreasing that as a stress.  If it is you hate to be late and traffic is an issue, find a route or time that has no traffic.   If it is that you diet is horrible and you really don’t eat lots of fruits and vegetables, schedule a visit and talk to someone that is an expert in what you should be consuming and how to eliminate the garbage foods.   Another good thing to do is start to get regular massages.  Massage helps to decrease stress levels and promote healthy circulation.  This will keep cortisol levels under control and keep inflammation to a minimum.  Last but not least is to workout at least 3 times a week for a minimum of 20 minutes.

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