Workers Compensation in Chicago

Average Days of Disability


Percent U.S suffering from Back Disability

Work related injuries happen more often then one might think.  It is important when dealing with a work related injury to get the process documented as soon as possible.  There is a time period that is allowable to come in for treatment.  Our treatment protocols are specifically designed for all workers compensation in Chicago area.  We follow the same treatment program that gets results quicker but we also make sure we give ongoing support to make sure this injury does not happen again.  This is done through office ergonomic education as well as proper lifting bio mechanics.  We make sure that all the information is tailored for your job duties.   We have expertise in working with only the finest lawyers in the Chicago-land area that make sure you get the treatment you need covered.

A key that most facilities don’t address is prevention.  The current literature supports getting examination for all people that require to lift 50 pounds.   The number one tool to decide if someone is at risk for low back injuries is x-ray analysis.  When looking at the low back x-ray we can determine if the movement of the spinal column will be evenly balanced.  Small shifts in the curve of low back can cause altered motion and abnormal stress accumulation certain segments of the spine.  It is this concentrated stress that causes areas of the spine to be at risk for herniations and low back related injuries.  The concept is similar to if a car was having more pressure on one tire then all the rest.  The tire with more weight and stress placed on it will be the first to wear out.  This is known as having altered structural alignment of the spine and is what causes a cascade of alterations in movement patterns and neural stress.   This type of analysis is what has created us be known as the place to go for dealing with workers compensation in chicago.